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This game has been on my "To play" list for so long. I finally got around to it and all I have to say is. Totally worth the wait! I've only gotten one ending for now but so far, I'm having so much fun! The characters are so diverse! I enjoy getting to choose where I go and exploring the school. The art is so cute! I love how much effort and details go into everything like watching the clouds go by or the sunset go down. I'm going to try my best and play each route!


How do i do bugbears route i cant trigger the 4th meeting 



I loved the game so much! I couldn't stop playing it for about a month straight! I even suggested it to a few friends. I've struggled to get bugbear's ending and gave up XD. 

I'd say the only like small thing I don't like about the game is the all the endings having different art styles. Mostly the fact that one of the endings (SPOILERS AHEAD) In Ashton's ending he has a traced piece of art, He is my favorite character and that was kind of upsetting. Especially since it is traced from a Disney movie scene, this may be a small game but doing that was very risky and I'm hoping to see it redone in the future (Maybe?) for the game's sake and my own. Tracing a Disney scene if the game does blow up could lead to some problems down the line. 

However that's more of an art concern then the fact that they all share different art styles. My issue with that is the art styles don't match the game itself I'd say Darcey was probably the worst in my opinion due to his color palette I think it would have been better to leave him out of the game since it contrasts so much, BUT I still love his design please don't get me wrong! It's a small thing and it doesn't effect the overall game play! 9/10! I for sure will be recommending this to others in the future as well! 

(Doe's anyone else get a little off put from the different art styles or is it just me? :D please reply I would love to know your thought's as well!)

i assume it's because the game itself is a project collaboration with different artists that's why the art styles are different, but i do get you! i was also a bit surprised and put off by that fact the first time around but i've come to get used to it, the different art styles all have their own charms anyway :) 


I haven’t played this game yet but asking ppl not to roleplay your characters is SO funny to me. That’s such a niche specific thing to ask of ppl. 

What role players hurt you in the past? Lmfao. 



I assume it's because this game is based on the Saint Spell role-play, as linked in the description. They probably just want to remain in control over their setting and everyone's individual characters, which they have all right to do.


Well, talk about rude and unecessary...
The characters you see in this game are in fact OCs that are already part of an existing RP group.
It's even written in the game's description.


here again cuz im still sad for luca :". I was listening to takt op opening while re-doing luca's ending and it kinda fit. When i saw the amv for the opening it fits with mc and luca too since they should've been together happily but one had to die :(((

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Isnt Alucain's pronouns they/them? The reason why I'm asking is because they're called with masculine pronouns in the guide.


he/they pronouns maybe?

Maybe 🤔


i've only done bugbear's and luca's ending but im already commenting! This game is great so far, the characters are well written. Bugbear scared the hell out of me despite the cutesy look in his pixel form. Luca actually made me cry... I want a good end with him in another world line or any universe even if I have to pay :"(( I actually interacted with Dinae(she's a funny one to be honest) and Simon(he's so preciouss) and they' I love this game, it made me feel happiness, fear, and sadness all in one day.

Luca's ending made me cry too! Like why you gotta hit me with that angst... But damn, does it hurt so good  :,)

RIGHTT it makes you want to replay it over and over again :DD


m gonna cryyryry ive been trying to do the bugbear route but jkzfkjsdf the only interactions i get of him is about the skip meeting and where i go to the forest n he goes oh oh bro its dangerous you should head back sdkjahbdk ive even been trying to follow the guide but eeven that doesnt helpp, can someonee help me out here???

The thing about bugbear's route is that the main event that gets you to his ending (choosing to learn about bugbears in cryptozoology class) relies heavily on chance. Ngl I think it took me around 50 tries since other than getting that choice you need to have a high STR stat to avoid the bad ending.

agreed i kept trying but not getting the option to learn abt bugbears in cryptozoology :"( had to restart the game app before it worked

aah okay aidhnadn ill keep those in mind when i do bugbear's route!! :) thank youuouo

also, recommend to choose "accept vague answer" for cryptozoology scene

okay,, ill keep that in mind when the option finally shows up hwwhhwh


I absolutely love this game! There's something about it that just makes my feelings stir... I wish there was a longer version where I could go about living a whole year at the school! I always find myself wandering the forest at night. The atmosphere is just so comforting... If there's any possible chance you're thinking about making the game continue on longer I would love to support you throughout it all!

This game is so cute!!!!!! I love the characters 

This game is so cute!!! It's amazing how you were able to put so many routes in one game and make it not feel too overwhelming while still feeling very cohesive! Each of the stories and characters are so well written, it's so much fun to get to know them all(even BugBear ;3). Also the art is so pretty!!! Absolutely in love with this style<333

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i actually trying to get alucain ending so i look up the walktrough. but im stuck in the dialog when the grup project is done. in the guide says that i need 3+ favorability AND IDK WHAT IS THAT EVEN MEAN. somebody please tell me how to get thatttt

Favorability points are denoted in the guide in parenthesis. For example, if it has "(+1)" written after a choice, then choosing that choice will give you 1 favorability point. I don't think they show up on your screen so you'll have to remember how many points you have.

oh thank youuuuuu!

Hi! Would someone be able to help me with the download? I'm not very tech-savvy. Whenever I click the download, it downloads the game files. I'm not really sure how to open the actual game (or if it's even supposed to just download the files). I'm on a Dell Windows computer if that helps.

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double click on the file you show in the picture and inside you should a find file called "SaintSpellBook" (make sure the file type is "application") double click on that then click "extract all" and wait while it downloads. Then once it downloads on file explorer go to downloads and you should find 2 files labelled "" double click on the one whose type is called "File folder" not "compressed" once you open the file double click on the file called "" then double click the file called "SaintSpellBook" ( again make sure the file type is "application") and that should start and open the game. ( If this is too confusing tell me and I'll try to explain it better)

Thanks so much! Worked perfectly :)






i couldnt sotp playing until i got through every route so good ALSO AN ATINY

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I appreciate the INSANE game stats here but like-- is this just an 'never ending ending' or something?!? Curious to know if anyone else has encountered this! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


What?? I am pretty sure the game is supposed to end after the first week is over, then you either fail or win a route. (????)

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Yeah right?! I'm so confused! I can't continue to Thursday, but at the same time I CAN progress with my relationships with the characters... Isn't that so strange???

Maybe it's a weird fail route, but I need answers! ヾ(≧へ≦)〃

Okay I know this is a couple months old but something similar happened to me! I was aiming for Aniva's route but I progressed a bit of Salinger's route and the game kept repeating Wednesday. So I loaded a previous save file where I hadn't talked to Salinger and only talked to Aniva + didn't progress any other routes and the problem was fixed. I think that you need to focus on one person, it's okay to progress a little with other people but you need to focus on one person because you can only have one weekend event with one person.

Can someone help me with the Luca route? I ask him in class, meet him in the kitchen and apparently never find him again ;; no matter how many times I retry....

You can also find him when studying in the library


I can't get Eleni's good ending at all, I followed the guide word by word but for some reason, it doesn't work. I've had over 20 charisma and everything too, no idea what I'm doing wrong :( Whenever Siri shows up it just throws me into a bad ending 

I've been doing the same thing I've done both eleni and siris route with the best possible results and yet I can't seem to get that special 3rd ending

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when siris corners you, you have to say yes regardless i just found that out- but it leads you to a bad romance end the last ending

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I just wanna say I love the game and atmosphere, however, the first character I went for was Siri (Sirius), and I was not happy with the poly relationship that was kind of put in your face at the far end of the game. You had to do Eleni's route to get the "good" ending. I wish there was a warning for the poly relationship twist at the ending since not everyone is comfortable with it. The whole story never mentioned the "partner" until the weekend story. Warning for people who are not comfortably with poly.

can you tell me how you got the 3rd ending for them? ive been trying so hard. ive completed eleni and siris route and yet ive got nothing-

You need to do Eleni's route again to get last ending.

yeah i already knew that u just kept pressing no when siri cornered me that's why i couldn't get the ending LOL


Are you seriously asking for a trigger warning on poly relationships?? Bro 😭😭

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Some people do have a trigger for poly yes. I never said it was anything bad or negative. Just that some people feel uncomfortable with it.

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In a game where you're playing as the main character, in a genre where people frequently self-insert, yes, it makes sense to let people know ahead of time what kind of relationship it is. Most people are not poly and not everyone enjoys self-inserting as a person engaging in a poly relationship so it is perfectly fine to ask for information to avoid a route they won't enjoy. 

Oh, I really really really loved that game !! At first, it seemed overwhelming to me but once you understand the game how the game work, and you get a better grasp of the world, it is simply one of the best experience. It is so fun to figure out by yourself how it works, and get to know so many characters. The characters are truly my favorite part of the game. They are so unique and original, and I played the game so many times because they were so many of them that I wanted to talk to. The writing is super fun, and really puts you in this magical universe, and I loved the design (and the images were beautiful!!). I am so glad I played it because it really brought a smile to my face every time I opened the game. Thank you :)

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Can someone help me with Eleni's route Ive tried getting my charisma really high and trying to sit with her in class and lunch and it still wont let me start her route.

It gave me the option to start her route as soon as i gave up now i need to stack charisma again:(

This game is lovely! I've gotten one of Areve's fail endings, as well as one success. How do I get her other success?


The good ending I got for here was Areve's Home ending! Is there another success ending available? If so, can anyone help me get it!


wahhh i'm so excited to play this 

i can´t downoald this :/ can someone help me?



Holy crap, this is amazing, like absolutely, i just finished simon's ending it made me slightly cry LOL, now im on my way to finish all the other ones

on my way to speedrun all 58 endings :'')

I started playing this yesterday and holy crap it's such a pretty game, and I love the characters, thank you so much for creating this game :D!!  

I was wondering if there would ever be more to the story? I haven't finished yet but if there were a Kickstarter or something like that I wouldn't hesitate to spend so much money on it hahsdhfkd 


anyone know what happened to the comment thread on if writers for this project got paid? the devs accepted donations back in march iirc and mentioned they were going to address the situation about it & split their profits with their writers but they deleted the comments. and never made a post...


Saw this comment thread too but the comments related to the situation were deleted. Cute game and I hope they end up splitting the money with everyone in the end. Otherwise, don't support devs that aren't transparent about paying back their writers and artists. I was in the game industry, writers and artists get taken advantage of often. Hopefully they see your message and will make a statement.

if the creator or a fan could make a whole walkthrough of the game that would be so helpful 🙏

i need help w/eleni’s route! I’m at the part where she’s talking about chocolates from her admirers, and I want to be able to say “would you like that?” And I need more charisma, but I’ve been doing all I can to get charisma just in Monday (5) and I need help. Is there any way to get extra charisma? Or am I just meant to not have enough anyway?

maybe try not going on elenis route for a while to farm for cha ? i entirely forgot how i did it but im pretty sure youll be able to select that option after a few tries ! :D

Hey! can someone please explain Luca's situation for me, idk if I was reading too fast but I don't 100%  get why he disappeared.


sure !!

ok so, luca's a "maledictus," i assume its a derogatory term/a general word to call someone who used the power of malediction which is like the evil power.

its not said how he died, i don't remember much if it was implied that he killed himself or not but he did a lot of bad things for someone and ended up regretting it and then died

at the ending it explains how you can see him for a short period of time.


what i couldn't get was if WE (the player) were the star/angel and we found him again or if we were just someone who could see him because we "time travel" and that's what made us special to him. god I loved this game and luca was my fave route I just couldn't figure it out exactly and its bugged me ever sense

I couldn't get that either, like how can we touch him or smth, the way he holds his notebook too. I don't get the story if he's hinting about his past or is he hinting about us-

and by time travel he knows we load? and considering we cant get his route unless we finished the game already and we're here playing it again, is that what he meant?


god bless i been thinkin abt this game periodically for months thinkin i’m the only dumbass who couldnt get it. and yes i believe the assumption is we (irl) are  traveling into the world and playing as mc thus time traveling. i think holding hands and stuff makes enough sense as we are the only one who can see him, remembering him makes him a bit more real. i just want to know im luca’s star or i have go fight some angel once his route is over … 

Is there any way to reset your progress/save files?


spoilers ahead. ngl I think bugbear in general needs better tw's. I understand when looking at the guide and also when first starting the route there were tw's but it wasn't specific enough. I assumed it was a bad ending type thing. But no matter what you do you die (which isnt the issue) its the ""good"" ending where it depicts the torture and death of a child in graphic detail which can be very triggering to certain individuals. I want to like the game more...but that really turned me off to the game.

is there another ending for bugbear? i got 'bugbear fail: made of this'

im wondering if that was the 'good' ending, if that was the bad ending and i followed the guide wrong, or if that was the only ending you can get from bugbear?

yes there is a good ending but its not rlly sweet, have u asked abt his smile? u need 10 or 11 str points for that

ohhhhhhhhh i didnt have enough pts for that :sob: i will definitely try that then 


I have played though some routes, though it was hard to figure out Lucas, I am absolutely ruined. I don't ever cry over games, and I didn't expect to cry over this one, but I did. Even though each route isn't long, you somehow managed to feel like it was, especially Lucas, i feel a sort of connection with him. So I pity myself as the sad but calming music from his ending is playing while I type this out, but thank you for this amazing game!

I also played though Bugbears route and it was honestly also great, crazy how much it differs from other routes. Honestly got me scared of going to the forest at 8 pm haha.

Simon is adorable, his good ending gave me butterflies all over.

Hui has a special place in my heart, very mischievous!

Alucain is also pretty cool, loved that their route was nothing romantic but only friendly, it was pretty comforting.

Can't wait to try out other routes, though I somehow stubled upon Elenis route and fell in love with her, though i got a bad end so I will definitely not give up on getting her good end!

Thank you for the wonderful game!

does anyone know the song track used in game?

does anyone know how to get dinaes library event? in the guide it said to pick workstudy i did, but nothing happens, pls send help T

it is entirely by chance i believe

How do you get Siri's image 4 of 5? I got his bad end, success? end, and did Eleni's endings too.

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