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It's amazing how this game got me to finally make an account here on itch. I started playing this game yesterday and I alr love it. Out of all the characters, I really like Hui, Alucain, Luca, and Areve a lot!! But that asides, this is a really well written game despite the few errors that I've encountered, and it always brings a smile to my face to see a small cute encounter with a character. Keep up the good work and please stay safe!! ^^


It's a nice game although I'll wait until there's a walkthrough available because I keep failing with Alucian. Also the game won't let me save. 


same!! i keep trying to get a good ending with alucain but I keep failing.


Alucian can be found either in the garden, library working on your project or tutoring you, or at the infirmary. I recommend making sure your intelligence is high enough (at least 10 i think?). To get prompted to work on the project with him you need to attend a class with him, i think its alchemy.  Make sure you're honest with alucian such as not doing well with the project and about his eye sight, that's what he prefers. 

For Alucain, I managed to get his success ending in about 3 tries? I followed the advice of having more than 10 INT before the completion of the project. I also spent most of my time in the library, and I suggest when the tutoring pops up, you choose it as it's often Alucain who tutors you then right after that choose the library again to work on the project with Alucain. Just keep on repeating that sequence and you'll get his success ending.


Can somebody help me with bugbear's root, pls?  I know I need to skip classes so that I can find him, but when I do it's just one single dialogue with the "well, well, well".  I could really use some advice, thx!


hey! bugbear's route will be available soon, for now it's just a teaser!


I'm only at the beginning of the game but the art and the music... They are sooooo splendid.


I’ve been having a rough time trying to get Salinger’s success ending for a good few days now!

I’ve tried everything!Trying to talk to him at lunch, picking the stats required dialogue,joining his house dorm thing???even skipping classes!But even so that got me like 2 new dialogue and repeated the second for the rest of the week

Heck!I’ve met Bugbear trying to look for him

I’ve done his route at least a few times now but still didn’t get any different results

This man’s standards are so high,I hate him so much


For Salinger, you will have to unlock the option to go out and search for a dragon at midnight. Until you can do this, your interactions with him will be limited. Skipping class to go to the fields or arena will help you encounter him a few times, then you should try and talk to him at the fields for queensgaurd practice, and make sure you have enough strength, and eventually after enough interaction I think you should get the option to go find the dragon (but make sure you pick the house with the most strength or you'll fail his options)


I’ve already done all of that

Looking for the dragon at midnight,meeting his pact bond partner thing...,getting enough strength points for the options,met him at queensgaurd,skipping class n stuff

But after all of that the narration repeats without me making really and progress and I just end up with the fail ending again


I only got the good ending when  I didn't skip all the time and only skipped classes he wasn't in but I don't know if that's the key to make it work. You may have to wait until the guide is out unforunately  

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help me do you know how to unlock the option to go out and search for a dragon at midnight?? ive been trying to get it for the longest time now but its not working [cry] i even got one of dinae's cgs trying to unlock it?????


I don’t think it’s guaranteed to get that every single time if you do this but pretty much what I do is try to interact with him a few times,pretty much just start going for him right at Monday,make sure at queensgaurd you get his cg then attend a class,I think you have to take the option of hanging out with him in that class and then you’ll get a dialogue about 2 students talking about a dragon and then you should be set!

a small hint is to perhaps consider learning more about the history of the nightshade dragon, and of course, sitting next to salinger in his classes!

progression through his conversations may sometimes involve searching for him outside or working with him on a class project in the library. 

good luck!

Dude bothers to attend classes?Thats news for me..

Thank you so much for the hint!

I got his success ending 

Hurray,let’s go,yay,I’m so happy

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hi !! ;; i love this game sm fr. i am in love with a lot of characters, and i'd like to list them one by one so i can tell you how much i like the diverse personalities and interactions you could create with each. 

i specifically enjoy alucain; firstly, i only interacted with him because i had no personal interest in all the other characters but i soonly got attached to him and our ways of interacting and the bonds that we would slowly build up with alucain, and i just think he is the sweetest. i absolutely adore alucain. arbor; i play genshin impact and she just reminds me of one of my favorite characters, hu tao, and i absolutely love her presence. she's adorable and everytime i interact with her, i start swooning. darcy; oh god, don't even get me started on how much i absolutely treasure darcy. he's so pure and innocent, he's so kind and sweet, he absolutely gives me such brainrot and i couldn't imagine me liking such a character. the way he lights up when you mention romance and he continuously recommends you romance novels and makes a dessert or lunch, it's heartwarming. i love him. hui; one of my first interactions with hui was him and the spirit thing i do believe and instantly, i knew that he was an interesting character to hang out with. i soon started doing everything related to hui, such as the garden, forest, lunch, etc. i adore hui. siri; this little fucking shit i love him so much that it doesn't feel right. i've never become this attached to a fictional character, nonetheless one from a dating simulator, and i absolutely hope there is more content of this man. he is so bold, and his cgs are so pretty, and i have played his route (bad route) about 6 times now. salinger; i love him. i can't even possibly explain it in words how much love i can express for salinger that i'm not even gonna get into depth about it.  and i cannot wait for march 15th for luca's route!

on a side note, i do have some shameful and embarrassing things to admit. i cannot appear to get hui's good route.  

otherwise, this is a very good game and i applaud you for that! i apologize for the lengthy comment.


is there any way I could reread the introduction, specifically the introductions of the dorms? I see that it skips it when I replay since its apart of the intro, but it would be really cool if there was a place you could see the houses information again!






how can i get her good ending ? :(


i love this. its so nice. although i am kinda having a hard time getting good endings tho. would be nice if we could have a walkthrough


i do believe that there is a walkthrough coming out soon! :]


can you make simping for gwyeneria an option? its annoying how my character simps for her all the time

Lol I agree

This is a very cute game ~ I adore all the characters especially Barnaby and Simeon. I'm still in the beginning but I cannot wait to read more and be able to meet other characters. Must I say the pixel art is  magnificent and as a writer, the writing is simply fantastic. Great job on this game :)

this is my new comfort game HSJKASDJHSJ i absolutely love game and all the characters!


hello! ahhhhh this game is cute asf and i love ashton so bad? maybe cuz he's a shy shy boi HJSDHSJHSJAD but how do i get his happy ending :( maybe i'd be a good idea to have a walkthrough for every character well that is if you're not busy enough lmao thanks for creating this game really love it!


Hi! I got Ashton’s ending and what I mostly did was meet him,work out with him,see him in the garden and choose the nicest option to support his dust powers 

I’m not sure if there was any stats required but i just mostly distributed all the stats equally and it seemed to work!

Hope this helps!

there is a walk through being worked on i do believe!


As much as I love this game, I've been trying out Spinel's story and somehow, I've been going through Saturday for the 4th time as of now. I just want to know if that's normal...


are some of the routes locked? :(

when I try to have lunch with magdeline the game crashes </3

Hello! That might be a bug that was recently addressed. Are you using the most up to date version? If not could you submit a bug report so i can quickly find where to fix that for ya? :OO!

It seems to be working now! Thank you for your response and for the lovely game :) 

This game has been really cute! But I'm really struggling on getting a good ending because of my stats. T^T Still, I'm on my way on taking all the characters' routes individually first! Maybe I'll wait for the guide to come out as I do... ;))


this is a really cool game but like sometimes it says how my character knows their name like "titus is...." but when the actual character starts talking their nametag still appears as "???" is there any requirements to unlock their name? i got the good ending for the tutor girl, gwyn i think but in the spellbook her name doesnt show or her traits


also i keep trying to get eleni's ending but i always get the bad one TT

where does eleni usually  hang out?? like during free times

I love it


i really enjoy this game and have been playing it all night yesterday!! unfortunately when I tried to open it again it won't work and when I try to redownload it says I need permission to extract files (??) so everything loads except the application itself.. is there anything I can do to get this to work again ?

unfortunately i dont know this error ): i will investigate or hope it fixes itself for you soon!

is it possible that your antivirus is deleting it? if so make a folder that is an exception and put all your games there. 

it started working again, turns out it was my antivirus !! ty for the info! 


Its got an amazing atmosphere and subtly interesting characters.  Although...

I'm racketing my mind over how to get a good ending with Avere. Each attempt seems to end in the same way.

same here , it is an amazing game and i think if we can't join Avere's workstudy no thing will change (getting fail)

Update : I got the ending. I'm in bliss. Yet, Im unsure how I got it....

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hello! to get areve's good ending, you need to select at least 6/8 of the good options she has!

there are 4 good options within her storyline conversations, 3 in her student council activities and 1 in the infirmary.

a character guide should be coming soon ^7^! thank you for liking areve!

I LOVE this Game. It is so cute and the pixel art is Adorable. I have been playing this ever since I downloaded. I Just have a Question is Ivy suppose to appear and say nothing whenever I go to the arena and click Practice Magic?  


hi! i've been loving this game so far i can't seem to stop playing it! i love the visuals of the game + overall story omg <33 would it be okay to ask for tips on how to get Hui's happy ending ?? tysm ♡


thank you for liking hui! :D

for his good end: you need at least 6 of his good points

up to 4 points are available during his "storyline" convos,  2 during lunch, 1 in the kitchens, and 4 in the gardens.

after going through hui i noticed one good option wasnt correctly labeled! (so that there were only 3 points during his storyline.) if you redownload that should be fixed and theres up to 4 avaliable points there!

i'll definitely go through another gameplay with Hui <33 tysm for replying and looking forward for more content from u guys !

It caught my interest, just downloaded and ill check it out!

This is so cute! It's so charming, the pixel art, the backgrounds, the sprites, is so good! You guys outdid ourselves.

I do wanna give some advice though, the Spellbook is kinda awkward to use, it would probably be smoother if there was a 'Gallery' or 'Extras' section in the main menu and the Spellbook was instead used for more hints about stats or choices.


Hiii, just wanted to say this game is AMAZINGGG and i've been playing non-stop ever since I downloaded it <33

My only problem is with Alucain :(( no matter how many times I study with them and receive tutoring, my alchemy project always fails and I can't get their success ending :( Is there a way to study even more with them so I can make them proud? I've been trying so hardddd they're amazing I love them. Thanks a lot! <3


:sob so sorry one of the good options was locked due to some stat mishaps, should be fixed now if u redownload! but in general -- try to have a high amount of int and then secondarily cha / str! and beyond that choose good options and youll succeed on your project <3 ty for liking alucain hehe

a general guide on each route is to be made!!

Tysm!! I'll be on it then<33

YESS THE CHARACTER DESIGN IS AMAZINGGG every single one of them is the most interesting character i have ever seen<3 I love this game and i hope you have a wonderful day! <3


i love, love, love this game!! it would be nice to have some sort of indicator to which endings for which character you've already unlocked :-)!!! But otherwise, I'm in love with the characters + the mechanics + THE SETTING (!!!) of this game :DD!


on it 😳


will there be a guide released?


there will!



Gonna check this out once I finish the one I'm playing now! The characters all look so cute!!!

This looks so cute and the art is so different, can't wait to start and see it progress

(+2) you talk to luca.....T_T I've been trying for hours and I only ever meet him at malediction.....I admit defeat....

Look out for white day march 15th! Thats all i can say 😳

Thank you for the hint now I will write that down on my calendar :0


This was really fun to play! Although since it has so many selections maybe a stat guide would be helpful for people?

I LOVE THIS! It's super fun and theres so many different ways to go! I can't imagine how long this must've taken :0


I'm absolutely in love with this game, it's absolutely stunning and so fleshed out that every character feels so different and loveable. I can't wait to see everything it has to offer 

 I've gotta ask though, is it possible for us to get a stat guide or a walkthrough at some point? I'm at a bit of a loss in some situations for conversation choices, like one saying I don't have the intellect to select a choice despite having like 34 int.

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!!!!!!!!!! 34 int is definitely more than enough UWHAWUH!?? if you could submit a bug error describing what you were trying to do it'd be helpful! (also thank you for enjoying the game :D)


Oh absolutely! I haven't had a lot of time to play since I first commented but I'll go ahead and replay to that point and if it's still happening on a new save, I'll send in the report. It was the "That's just how life is" option talking with Alucain that I'm having issues with though, in case I for some reason can't send in a screenshot or something. I've tried having all of strength or intellect, like 16 or so of either, nothing seems to be enough for it to let me go forward with that option at all and after the run of having 34int I was like "I.... think I might actually have to go be a bother" lmfao. Thanks so much for the speedy reply and all your hard work with both the original game release and all these bug fixes!! 

OK THAT OPTION HAS BEEN FIXED!! thank u for ur persistance :sob or else no fixing would have been done!

You're welcome! Thank you for your hard work and speedy fixes! ♥♥♥♥♥


Hello, I want to say this game is absolutely amazing and perfect, I love everything from the amazing AMAZING pixel art, to the music and of course the lovely cast full of cute girls and boys!

Played one week to give the game a feel and I had the time of my life, is really cool how do you get to choose your classes, activities and who you hang out with! honestly this game has something for everyone!

I hope lots and lots of people play this game because it is really something, I want to say everyone involved is really talented and I hope this game the best!

(Now if you excuse me I am gonna play more to find more cute girls!)



RIGHT LOL Gotta try skipping every class and checking each place LMAO

yoo does that work lmaoo

it does now! 😳

omg rlly seriously gotta try that💀😀


This game was a rollercoaster of emotions!! <33 It's exciting to see a variety of personalities and art styles as you begin new playthroughs :)


This was such an awesome game! The pixel art/color palette are both gorgeous, there's a big variety in characters, and I'm floored by how much content this has. I've done three playthroughs so far and I'm still encountering new characters and events for the first time. Amazing work!

(minor spoilers)

I want to add that I feel personally attacked by Siri's "happy" ending T_T

That’s interesting!Im been trying to get to Siri’s happy end but I got stuck and kept failing :,)

Can you give me any tips on how you got the ending?

I failed his route at first too :') In my second attempt I noticed some of the choices during your first encounter with him are locked if you don't have enough Strength, so I leveled that up first before meeting him, then selected those choices. I think it also helps to have high Charisma, and from there I selected the bolder choices since he seemed to respond well to that.

I see,thank you!In my second try with him I made sure to stack up on strength but unfortunately some time later I lacked intelligence to help him with his work or something anddd  in the end my efforts were still futile (T▽T)

Hm I think I remember what scene you're talking about and I didn't offer to help him, I selected one of the other choices, so I don't think it's necessary to get his ending. During your first encounter with him did you unlock a CG?

Yeah!In my second try I did get the CG

</3 i tried doing this but it didnt work help idk if i was doing smth wrong or smth ??? do u remember what choices/places you made?? [cry] 

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I replayed his route just now and this was my path:

Not sure if /all/ those choices are necessary but it should trigger his "Success" end


you lose him to Eleni either way T_T but I'm pretty sure it's his "good" ending because it unlocks his only two CGs in the gallery




Relatable lol, I wish there's an ending where we really got to be with Siri fr


Aaaaaaaa!!!I love this game!The art,the color palette,the strikingly different personalities and backstory of each character are so gooood!!

Thanks to the team for all of their hard work!

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