A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

“Welcome, welcome, and welcome to the wonderful Saint Spell~♡ The magical Conservatory with secrets abound~"
“There're mysterious witches, friendly anima, angelic Seraphims, devilish Fiendish, and beautiful Clockhearts aplenty!”
“Dance and sing your heart's fill! Love them, hate them, befriend them all~”

Join us in our special Valentine’s day release of Saint Spell’s very own dating simulator! In your first week of school, meet 29 magical students, practice some special spells, brew a love potion, or simply slack off…

Beautiful world setting & lore belong to bennabun!

"The game contains 15,547 dialogue blocks, containing 172,945 words, 562 menus, 158 images, and 36 screens."

GAME GUIDE  - special thanks to geeck & mich!

NOTE: world, lore, and characters are all original works belonging to bennabun and their respective muns. fanworks are very appreciated (we'd love to see them!), but please do not RP any of the characters or make any RP groups based-off Saint Spell. thank you!

* redownloading won't cause your save files / progress to disappear so make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the game! 💝

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(629 total ratings)
Authorsjiefinch, rence
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Magic, pixel, Pixel Art


SaintSpellBook-1.1-mac.zip 95 MB

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i'm having trouble getting eleni's good ending... if i have more than 7 charisma i find that the event wont trigger but then i don't have enough for two of the dialogue options needed for the good ending ?? i looked at the guide and it didn't help what am i doing wrong lol

i have to say... i got luca's failed ending and was mad at the world. then i got the success ending.. and i hated the world even more. 

How do I get the game working? I downloaded it and I can't play it.

WHY I CAN'T HELP LUCA T-T It's the good end but still sad after got him ending every time met him in class malediction made me want to cry

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Thank you for such a wonderful game! It took me two days to finish every route. I must say that I enjoyed many of the characters, and of course there were some routes that made me feel uncomfortable. In Eleni's and Siri's routes, I wish there were a bit of a hint or clue that they are together at the beginning, so that I would know to avoid their routes. To be honest, I'm very sensitive with a "threesome" or being a "third person" in a relationship, whether intentionally or unintentionally. The thought of being a third person in their relationship makes me really uncomfortable, especially when it's clear that they are very possessive over each other. It's quite ironic how the MC finds out about their relationship in the ending (after going through all the storylines and trying to raise their favorability) - it lowkey felt like a slap in the face lol.  While most of the routes made me feel that the MC is loved, whether platonically or romantically, Eleni's and Siri's routes made me feel like the MC is just a tool to make the other person jealous, and it definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth. I get that it might not be what the writer was trying to convey, but from a player's perspective, the game lost me from there. Well, it was an interesting ride nevertheless, and I really appreciate the time that the developers and writers took to make this game. I hope you receive lots of love!


You can't just make me fall in love with Bugbear and then end his route like that. 😭

Anyway, the game is very good and cute. I love everyone, especially Bugbear and Gwyneira.

how do i get siri to love me. me only. eleni keeps getting in the way. i just want siri. 😭😭

OMG love this game so mch <3 I really miss playing this game

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this game is so cute!!!! i really wish it was more well-known. but does anybody know how to do the bugbear route? im a little confuse bc idk how to get close to him :(((

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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PabomRM9NxDZA4lS720NJyy-wBnOM71jnspeEGy-Nzg/...  here is a guide

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thanks so much!

edit: finished the route, kinda wished i hadn't but oh well :)

i think i can say quotes here, right? ima say one of spinel route 

mc : "so you are a writer?"

spinel : " yeah, something like that. I suppose i write about that wich i would myself love experience most- yet, in my years of life, have come across the least. Fiction blooms from the root of truth, MC, like all things. Auntheticity, reality, true emotion. These are all that's worth writing about : the heart "

😭😭billie ending is so fucking cute

in his ending titus said "you pierced my heart. pierced it like you were cupid himself" and i never felt so unloved😁😁


spinel calling me "love" in our first meet *i start aggressively listening to Let You Break My Heart Again*

I've played this game a lot, still trying to get all the endings but I love it! Simon's route is my favorite, he is my beloved, he is so precious and I just want to hug him. Thanks a lot for making this game.

very good game, i love the artstyle and each route. but my fav route is bugbear, idk why but i REALLY love it sm! 😫


does anyone else's game crashes when you're supposed to meet bugbear in the library? like it doesn't close but it gives me that notice that something went wrong in the coding or something so i can never unlock his success ending :(

it happened to me too, but ignore it or smth and you'll get his success ending!


I am loving this game, so much I am making a full playthrough on my twitch channel. I will do every route and every possible scenario.  Congratulations for putting so much effort in a such a cute little project! Hope you guys will receive the recognition you deserve.

-> My playthrough

i love this game!! the pixel art is awesome and i loved the characters a lot (alucain my beloved <3), the routes are very fun & interesting too!! i also liked the color palettes used, really liked the warm colors especially. great job!

i am still in love with this game and i am still confused how i the fandoms still not that big




Guys! does anyone know how to get Barnaby's Fail end CG? I've tried so many times and still cant get it


Seeing Bugbear's sprite I always thought he was a twink, but damn he ain't.


10/10 bugbear can make me worse

this game is so good but sometimes i get mad bc of the runaway rodent ending lol idk how to not get that ending. but overall great game, cute art (feels cozy)


...what runaway rodent ending-


I am also confused on what this is.


claire’s fail ending

OOOH ok thanks :)

Because of the comments about Luca's route, i mentally prepared myself but when i played it, I CAN'T CONTROL IT DAMN 

but seriously, this is such a good game which can make you really immersed since look at me, I've been playing for weeks straight already just to get the characters' ending. I doubt I'll be moving on fast... 

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i'm genuinely confused as to why this isn't more well known bc this is one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life !!!!! I've spent so many hours on this and I've finally gotten all endings without any help of a walkthrough !! (i actually just noticed there was a guide rn. 4 months after i finished playing all the routes omfg fml) the art and music is top tier and the fact that there's so many possibilities makes it so engaging and interesting !! i really like how the setting of the game itself is so unique compared to other vns I've played it was really refreshing ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ )

i love every one of the characters so much (even bugbear ..) and i may or may not have cried in several of their routes (cough luca) and i thoroughly enjoyed it !!! the color scheme is also very pleasing to the eyes and the characters are all unique in their own way and i adore them for it !! just the concept of the game as a whole had me in awe and SJDHSJDHNDFH just words can't express how much i love love LOVED this ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

overall this game is just absolutely lovely i enjoyed every bit of it and it definitely has a special place in my heart  ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡ even though its been like 6 months since I've found out abt this i still play it so much to this day thank u so much for the wonderful game (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ♡


Bro idk if im insane for this but I spend 186 hrs playing this game and got all the ending. 5/5 

AAAAAAHH IMSOSAD im not sure if its a bug but i cant get dinae's good ending :((( i just started playing this game and i loved the casual playful teasing that we get with dinae so i tried to romance her after a couple others and i kept failing lol. i couldnt find any playthroughs on her route so i tried following the guide! i followed the guide and it was all going well until the fifth meeting. it seemed like she was going to tell me she liked hanging out with me so i was pretty excited and pumped and ready to date her!!! (SHES THE CUUUTESTTTT) but every choice i pick would just result in her getting mad at me and storming off and it would be the bad end. whats even more confusing is that none of the choices for my fifth meeting were the ones that showed up in the guide so i would just keep getting the bad end no matter the choice :"(( . has anybody gotten her good end? i dont know why its different from the guide. is it a bug? (SHES SO CUTE PLS HELP ME)


im begging for a Luca good end route

11/10 Arbor's route made me sob so hard bro. she is so sweet.

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I'm slightly confused on Elines route.. Cause I need to do it *spoiler* For the third route you can do with both her and sirus ITs FRUSTRATING I JUST wantn atka;jdgnsdhfjgb Can anyone help me? I just WANT TO lkdasng.andsgjsg

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really loved the game alot!! though i'm struggling with getting the last two backgrounds in my spellbook, even though i've gotten all cgs :(

How did you get the bg for the classroom number 5? I have no idea of what to do about to get it

i just checked, and i have no idea how to get it either, i've counted the classes, and since combat and defense is in the arena, there should only be ten images for the classroom

This game is so fun but im struggling so hard to get siris :(( is there 2 endings or just one?


Idk if this applies to Siri's route as well but Eleni has 2 endings, one is where Siri interrupts you both and leaves but there's a second ending after you've done siris route where it's a poly relationship with both of them

Correct! It applies to both their routes . BASICALLY! If you done siris You can do Eleni. SO its.. JUST Yeah


Thank you so much for this game, it's great!!

I think I found a little bug right at the start, after choosing the classes, if I choose the Polaris house the part where the Welcoming Committee describes the house is skipped. That only happens with this house. Might be just for me too, idk =) Other than that it was smooth as can be. Tnx again! 

The Itch.io launcher crashed (for unknown reasons outside of the game I’m pretty sure) and now the student spellbook refuses to open. 

It was working before for like then 10 minutes before the crash, so I've tried to delete everything but I cannot get rid of the local data (verified because the saves I had are still there after various attemps), as I suspect something got messed up  & booting it outside of the launcher doesn't work either

Does anyone know where the local files are stored/how to do a clean reinstall/ fix this issue generally? This game is so gorgeous and looks so promising and I really wanna play it orz

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This is so much fun???? I got all of the characters' endings, 10/10. Every route was unique and interesting in it's own way. I definitely preferred the more serious routes (the sad ones, the ones involving romance, and uh... however you describe Bugbear's route). BUT the sillier ones (i.e. Noah's) were also a nice break/change of tone, especially if you just finished one of the heavier routes. I also like how not all of the characters' successes ends result in romance, and how some of them that DO hint at romance imply that the romance will develop more in the future (since a week is a pretty short time to fall in love with someone, haha). I love this game so much I feel like at some point when I'm less tired, I may write some of my thoughts about each of the characters. For now, I'll say Bugbear's and Luca's routes are really cool and well-liked for a reason. Also Areve's route is super underrated - omg I love her so much, she's so interesting and I would love to learn more about her. Might replay her route at some point haha.

I would seriously eat up another game expanding on some of these characters stories - or, if you don't publish another game, even like a comic or written anthology or something like that would be super cool. Definitely going to look more into some of these artists because I am attached to these characters lol.

((Spoiler warning for Bugbear's route below!!!!!! + discussion of its trigger warnings))

One suggestion, although y'all are done with updates I think, so understandable if you don't add it, but I feel like there should maybe be a trigger warning about how one of the scenes requiring the death/mutliation warning involves a child. Or maybe add more specific trigger warning about a kid people hurt in the guide instead of the game itself if you want to avoid ruining the surprise (and then add in the game "check the guide for more details" or something). The death didn't trigger me personally (like it was disturbing to me obviously, but in a good/effective way, and not in a way that triggered an episode or anything). But it just feels like someone who is comfortable with death/mutilation/gore in general could still find themselves triggered by THAT specific scene, and "extremely disturbing themes" is pretty vague. HOWEVER, it is your game, just a suggestion considering how intense the scene is!!!! And to be clear, I loved Bugbear's route + the horror elements in it so much, he's a very cool and scary villain and such a fun love interest, if you can even call him that lmao.



I am a mix of so many emotions rn

I've finally gotten bugbear's god ending (could it even be called that?) after what seemed like forever (that being 5 FREAKING MONTHS) AND I GOTA SAY I'm pleased, the storyline, art, and character lines? MMmMMMmMM ITS ALL SO GOOD exactly what I expected of bugbear, god it made me love him even more

as morally gray as it may be i found it hot, and pretty honestly LIKE I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT JHDSDGDVHSVD 

Guys this game? 1000/10 would defo recommend PLAY IT!!! it's worth it!


How did you get his good ending? No matter what i do it seems like i cant get it :(

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I actually raised my strength, by a lot, I made sure to take cryptozoology to make things easier to (ask about bugbears) , and raise charisma as well, the guide helps as well, but from personal experience, take all classes in the guide but remove one and replace with crypto, also make sure to go to the places where he is, and go to the library after extra-curricular, first meetings can happen in the garden, forest (exercise) etc..

thats all I can remember, good luck!!


Thanks so much I finally got it!

You're welcome!! I only noticed now I misled strength HJBJSVHSJVD I'm so sorry, I hope it wasnt hard to undertand


It was kinda scary but I really liked it


won't go into details for the sake of my personal life but i just wanted to say that this game has like genuinely changed my life and it has had such a nice impact on me. im so so grateful for everyone who worked to make it possible, the support is more than deserved!! thank you so much for giving me a reason to wake up every morning throughout 2022, happy one year!!! <3 (in my timezone at least hjfgfh) live laugh love luca


IM IM STRUGGLING with stupid Siris. AND simons ROUTES agh I CANT RN- im so dumb i keep refreshing to start a new game hoping i have enough good for simons route . And then enough strenght for siris! BUT ITS SO.. agh.. I need help anyone know what to do?

You want 8 strength and 8 charisma before you meet with Siri, ideally. Try to avoid meeting him before you have these stats. You probably also want to avoid the fourth meeting (which only happens in class, so should be easy enough to avoid) until you have 10 charisma (8 intelligence as well if you want, but that's not really necessary because there's a charisma choice AND an intelligence choice in the same dialogue tree, and I believe you can only choose one - 10 charisma is more useful in Siri's route). Also, all of his main events happen in specific places except for the first one, so make sure to use the guide so you go to the right spots. Or figure out through trial and error where he hangs out if you don't want to use a guide lol.

For Simon, do you mean making sure you have enough of a "good student" stat? Although it does open up an option that increases favour in your first interaction, the other option doesn't decrease your favour, it just doesn't affect favour at all. There are enough other choices in Simon's route (in both his main events and in extracurricular interactions) that you can gain enough favour without choosing that dialogue option. If you mean you can't choose enough "good" dialogue choices, guide should be able to help with that! If you don't want to look at the guide, my advice is to comfort Simon and show him that you believe in him/his abilities. Oh, also most of Simon's interactions happen outside of class, so keep that in mind (although the locations aren't as specific as some of Siri's are).

Hope that helps!! Sorry if it's too long, lmk if you have any more questions or are confused about my explanation! 

THanks !! IM sorry for delayed reply BUT thats a huge help.. Now im sorta .. struggling with the witch girls route after siris... Its sorta difficult.

No problem!! I'm glad my reply helped!! It's been a while since I've played this game so I'll look stuff up when I get the chance, but YEAH Eleni's route is rough. I was lucky enough to have good stats when her event triggered and I made sure to make a save file when it triggered so I could go back to it again after getting Siri's ending lmao. If the event had triggered when I didn't have good stats I would have Cried aksfhsdkfhsk;

Anyways, what are you struggling with specifically on her route? 

The stats AND being able to encounter her. thats what I'm struggling with.

I'll have to look at the exact stats again, but I do remember that you have to have really high charisma and courage for her route (like somewhere between 8 and 12 I think?). Unfortunately there isn't really a way to trigger the encounter, though - it's totally random, and it's frustrating because you can't increase your stats after the event triggers. You kind of just have to keep playing and hoping it triggers at a time when your stats are good, and just like focus all of your free time and stuff on boosting your charisma and courage stats (and maybe your "bad student" stat to 3 at the start so you can skip class to increase charisma/courage). The event can trigger Tuesday morning or after I think.

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I can explain on how to not lock her route  first you need to select maybe a little for her first encounter..(This will now have you on the path of her success route) all this you must have charisma for most of theses to work I would say do low charisma then level it up. 

Second encounter you'll need to select the bottom answer . The first answer will reduce your favorability. 

The third you must pick (the first option will affect the choice if you haven't picked it. If you did pick it. You'll get  that she's not tired.. this will give you an option that will increase you're favorability by 2 . you have to pick the first option for the first dialogue  . You then must pick the first dialogue as well when the second box appears. 

Fourth is connected to the first option. So it's important that you picked the right option..  If you picked Maybe a little, you pick the option "Is there something you'd prefer.?" from there you'll pick  "would you like that." And then the options after that doesn't matter expect the last one does. Pick the option. "You two sound close.". 

You'll know if you do the fifth encounter right if you see the option, "Don't hesitate to come and find me." This option requries you to have average charisma. THIS Will GUARANTEE success.    

sorry if this is hard to read

It's alright! thank you so much you're a hero ily <3333

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well... listen to the tw's if u wanna do bugbear's route :'D






~light spoiler~


"why does this route have so many trigger warnings?? nothing's ha- OH MY FUCKING GOD???????????????"

I love the art!! Currently playing it right now, and so far, I love the concept and the mechanics! It works the same way as old japanese otome games that you play with a controller. Beautiful!!!

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