A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

“Welcome, welcome, and welcome to the wonderful Saint Spell~♡ The magical Conservatory with secrets abound~"
“There're mysterious witches, friendly anima, angelic Seraphims, devilish Fiendish, and beautiful Clockhearts aplenty!”
“Dance and sing your heart's fill! Love them, hate them, befriend them all~”

Join us in our special Valentine’s day release of Saint Spell’s very own dating simulator! In your first week of school, meet 29 magical students, practice some special spells, brew a love potion, or simply slack off…

World setting & lore belong to bennabun!

"The game contains 15,645 dialogue blocks, containing 173,962 words, 571 menus, 159 images, and 36 screens."

GAME GUIDE  - special thanks to geeck & mich!

NOTE: world, lore, and characters are all original works belonging to bennabun and their respective muns. fanworks are very appreciated (we'd love to see them!), but please do not RP any of the characters or make any RP groups based on Saint Spell. thank you for your understanding!

* redownloading won't cause your save files / progress to disappear so make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the game! 💝

Updated 19 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(865 total ratings)
Authorsjiefinch, rence
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Magic, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


SaintSpellBook-1.1-mac.zip 95 MB
SaintSpellBook-1.1-pc.zip 110 MB

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I’m just about to download the game and start, I’m generally having high hopes going in. Wish me luck and I’ll write about my experience after.


i absolutely love this silly lil game!! however, the game glitches on bugbear route when going to library after asking about bugbears? plz fix it...


This game is my everything

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Please, can someone tell me how to get other ending with Bugbear? I failed and I do not have any idea how to get a good ending with him T-T

How do I get bugbear to kill me he literally will not kill me 

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Save me how it works!! I need chinese!


i almost SOBBED

titus has my heart


I unlocked Aspen's ending and now I love him more


i can't get it for some reason 😭 if u have any tips can u tell me pretty pls 


you can use the guide if you're having trouble! Guide


TYYY idk y i didnt think to look for a game guide 


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My game keeps getting stuck on Tuesday first week
Update, I just load a new game and i guess it fixed it?

i cant unlock bugbears bad ending... can someone please spoil his real name for me?

Damien Lenoir lovecraf


I forgot to add t

the mac book ver is not working on mine;((


Lmao I laughed af when I saw the "IVE BECOME SO NUMB, I CAN FEEL YOU THERE"!!!!!!! Unexpectedly, the author is a Linkin Park fan LOL

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spoiler (please don't read if you're not done) 

When I first played I wanted to go for Eleni first, I liked her design a lot but I had to stop halfway because it was just not fun anymore and very frustrating. So I restarted it and went for Siri, then she shows up right at the end and ruins it (even though it was a success ending) How was I supposed to know they were together? Lol I just got my heart broken. I still rated the game a 5/5 because I love the graphics, I just wish I picked someone else at the start, or at least did some research so I would've known.. (╥﹏╥)

(I just found out this game was inspired from an RP group, I love that)

Same but went or Siri first, then tried Salinger

Really cute game :) I did Alucain's route and got the good ending

i got bugbears success ending but did he murder us? im confused


its complicated but he basically plans on keeping you alive until you become "boring" to him (if im not wrong)

OH ok ty


I did Luca's ending-


but fr I love this game so much that i forced my friends to play it. I wish there was even more content!!! FANARTISTS PLEASE GET AHOLD OF THIS GAME

so uh ill leave an actual review later but i completed barnabys success route and now i created a new save to try and fail his route but after his first interaction every single time i see him in class it goes 'barnaby looks preoccupied with studying'. barnaby ily but also. i am begging. on my knees. how do i trigger second interaction gah (followed the guide btw, i am enrolled in all his classes and all that jazz)

pretty good!

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I just finished Siris route and got the bad ending... I am DEVASTATED. 

Anyways this is one of the best visual novel I've played recently !!! There's so many functionalities, the art style is so pretty and there's sm characters too??? I definitely recommend !! :3


It's not an exaggeration to say that this is one of the best games I've played recently!! Although the player almost became a third party…I really like Bugbear's first CG, it's a very impactful picture!!Unfortunately, I can't find many related fan works on many platforms, which makes me very sad and hungry. I hope someone can tell me about that where can I see more fan works!!plzzzzzz˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅

Nevertheless, I still cannot accept some endings!!! My AreveI ahahahahahah!i can only curse the author for not getting up in bed tomorrow morning…


If I have any grammar problems, please forgive me... I used a translator to express my thoughts…


i first downloaded this game a little while ago, but only started playing it recently. i just returned to this game, and it's been incredibly fun so far!

here's some things i like or just comments i have to make:
- had one playthrough where I did nothing but eat shrooms and somehow never died at all. 
- i really like how alucain's good ending isn't based on romance or anything, just friendship. seems ratehr in character. the real dating sim was the friends we made along the way
- areve's probably one of my favorites thus far. she has my heart!
- bugbear's a freak and i love him <3

i also just completed the siri/eleni ending! took me a super long time to get, but i love them sooo much..... polycule for the win!!!! 

haven't completed most of the routes- think i'm gonna do luca or dinae next

also I got areve's bad ending and cried for a bit

(it wasn't because I had low favorability, just because I didn't have enough classes with her to do the fifth interaction)


lol I got both of luca's endings. that was tragic i'm a little bit saddened

I still can't complete Siri and Eleni help ahahahah

what are you having trouble with?

you gotta get siri's good ending first before doing eleni's (non tired route). then you say you recognize siri at the end 


Hello! I'm a Saint Spell fan from China, and there are many of us who REALLY LOVE this work, and all your drawings are very beautiful. I would like to come and ask for your authorisation, is it possible for us to translate this work into Chinese ourselves? I want more people to experience and play this excellent work!



Add one,I got stuck at the naming place for a long time,I don't know what to do next。

Yes. As Chinese, it is really  too hard for me to understand everything in this game since I am actually not so good at English...




i can't believe this game is free


I got the success ending of Luca... I am not happy; in fact, I am empty. i just want what's good for my beloved dude

FACTS like- that ending was heartbreaking T^T


I'm really stuck on how to get the 2nd CG of Siri and Eleni, can anyone help?


great visuals! I love how there's many characters to choose from with different routes and endings.


I really, REALLY, love the characters. I think i have a small pattern when it comes to liking characters cuz like Phoenix and Alucain...DO I HAVE A THING FOR NON BINARY CHARACTERS FBHDXFFUEF

But overall, I really love the game, it's really underrated and I wish more people knew about it!

i need bugbear so bad

you're so real for that


This game is so good!! I do wish that there were options to build our own character more.


Just started, I'm in love with this game its so cute :x

kinda reminds me of monster prom (in the best way)

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I just have to say this game is amazing and very extensive, I just wish this was more of the kind of game where you make your own character and it goes for longer than 5 days (the time limit sometimes is very annoying especially with this rng)

Arbor story was my favorite, it was very endearing and touching and the fact that it was so well written is a big plus. Huxley is so amazing they became my favorite character, it's the development and the writing, all the emotion and complex things are so good.

Dinae is waifu

Some characters, mainly the ones you befriend instead of love, would had been nice if you had more time to spend with them. Some I wish they had more content. You are usually only able to get 2 or 3 endings at once at most.


bugbear is an excellent showcase of horror writing btw


I'm looping friday at the end of bugbear's route? cant tell if this is a bug or part of the game bc bugbear shenanigans

I want to restart ALL of my progress.. How can I do that?

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delete the persistent file in SaintSpellBook\game\saves and delete your other saves if you want. Also look in C:\Users\username\AppData and in one of the folders you may find SaintSpell (in linux it's /home/username/.renpy/SaintSpellBook)



I keep getting a bunch of "An exception has occurred" when I click on the options, but other than that, it seems good

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what does bellatrix, polaris, sirius and regulus mean??? I'm so confused


In the game they're just names for the dorms. But they're named after real stars.

ohhhh, thanks.

I really love this game but recently had to get a new PC and its like a windows laptop\tablet no keyboard, anyone know how to enter my name to begin playing???

Hey so this game is so good! I generally failed once and failed Areve twice, but I just got her favourability up high enough and did all five interactions, but all I'm getting is her success lines now? And it just keeps repeating the same Tuesday over and over. Is this normal?


ngl i walked into this game blind i did not read nothin and said les go. i raised my stats all 20 somethin yk im sayin and then at the end Alucain was like TCH you think i could be friends with the likes of you? you are disgusting and i was like okay whateve and then i read went to Sirius? siri and then my heart was broken and finally went to Hui Shi and i love him and i love the game

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