1.0 RELEASE! Bugbear and Luca routes, BG gallery, and more!


Thank you everyone for your patience and enthusiasm!

VER 0.9: The game contains 14,051 dialogue blocks, containing 155,452 words, 504 menus, 140 images, and 35 screens.
VER 1.0: The game contains 15,547 dialogue blocks, containing 172,945 words, 562 menus, 158 images, and 36 screens.

> Bugbear's route implemented!
> Luca's route implemented!
> background gallery in the Student Spellbook (please admire Jie's beautiful work!)
> new ending for Eleni (combined with Siri, wink wink nudge nudge)
> new + updated CGs for: Aniva, Aspen, Darcy, Eleni + Siri
> extra dialogue for: Aniva, Darcy, Magdeleine

> complete game guide
> music gallery
> moderate GUI overhaul
> minor route revisions


SaintSpellBook-1.0-pc.zip 109 MB
Mar 15, 2022
SaintSpellBook-1.0-mac.zip 93 MB
Mar 15, 2022

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I'm having trouble with Areve's route. Is there any way to get a good ending?

how do i finish the bugbear route? I meet with him in class and get all the way to sunday with strength +10 and bad student +10 and i keep hitting "stop him" but i always get the bad ending 

this has been happening to me too, did you figure it out?

I demand and beg for a sequel where in luca and mc can find their happy ending in the next life, idc if it costs smthn i need it to survive.

yyes please just make the pain stop :"(


can someone please help? i've tried about 4 times to get bugbears route, i've met him 3 times, asked the question, i have cryptozoology class, but no matter what i  dont get the question about bug bears. i got it one time during a different route, but never again. what am i doing wrong? i've been scrolling down the comments for help but nothing is working

I dont even know how to get the question part TT

did you figure it out?


I've been trying to get bugbears route for 4 hours I'VE FOLLOWED THE GUIDE WHAT AM I DOING WRONG



(1 edit) (+1)

me too, the bugbear question doesn't appear in my cryptozoology class, however i watched a youtube video on bugbear's route and i have to say the game is phenomenal, thank you or everything!!




..I've downloaded it and all but.. How do I play it now? I'm on windows 10.. Someone please help..

extract !

Omg omg thank you so much this was so long ago since I last hopped on aaaaa THANK YOU!


finally, bugbear route. tysm for all the hard work! the guide is a blessing too x3