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anyone know what happened to the comment thread on if writers for this project got paid? the devs accepted donations back in march iirc and mentioned they were going to address the situation about it & split their profits with their writers but they deleted the comments. and never made a post...

if the creator or a fan could make a whole walkthrough of the game that would be so helpful ๐Ÿ™

i need help w/eleniโ€™s route! Iโ€™m at the part where sheโ€™s talking about chocolates from her admirers, and I want to be able to say โ€œwould you like that?โ€ And I need more charisma, but Iโ€™ve been doing all I can to get charisma just in Monday (5) and I need help. Is there any way to get extra charisma? Or am I just meant to not have enough anyway?

Hey! can someone please explain Luca's situation for me, idk if I was reading too fast but I don't 100%  get why he disappeared.

sure !!

ok so, luca's a "maledictus," i assume its a derogatory term/a general word to call someone who used the power of malediction which is like the evil power.

its not said how he died, i don't remember much if it was implied that he killed himself or not but he did a lot of bad things for someone and ended up regretting it and then died

at the ending it explains how you can see him for a short period of time.

Is there any way to reset your progress/save files?


spoilers ahead. ngl I think bugbear in general needs better tw's. I understand when looking at the guide and also when first starting the route there were tw's but it wasn't specific enough. I assumed it was a bad ending type thing. But no matter what you do you die (which isnt the issue) its the ""good"" ending where it depicts the torture and death of a child in graphic detail which can be very triggering to certain individuals. I want to like the game more...but that really turned me off to the game.

is there another ending for bugbear? i got 'bugbear fail: made of this'

im wondering if that was the 'good' ending, if that was the bad ending and i followed the guide wrong, or if that was the only ending you can get from bugbear?

yes there is a good ending but its not rlly sweet, have u asked abt his smile? u need 10 or 11 str points for that

ohhhhhhhhh i didnt have enough pts for that :sob: i will definitely try that then 

I have played though some routes, though it was hard to figure out Lucas, I am absolutely ruined. I don't ever cry over games, and I didn't expect to cry over this one, but I did. Even though each route isn't long, you somehow managed to feel like it was, especially Lucas, i feel a sort of connection with him. So I pity myself as the sad but calming music from his ending is playing while I type this out, but thank you for this amazing game!

I also played though Bugbears route and it was honestly also great, crazy how much it differs from other routes. Honestly got me scared of going to the forest at 8 pm haha.

Simon is adorable, his good ending gave me butterflies all over.

Hui has a special place in my heart, very mischievous!

Alucain is also pretty cool, loved that their route was nothing romantic but only friendly, it was pretty comforting.

Can't wait to try out other routes, though I somehow stubled upon Elenis route and fell in love with her, though i got a bad end so I will definitely not give up on getting her good end!

Thank you for the wonderful game!

does anyone know the song track used in game?

does anyone know how to get dinaes library event? in the guide it said to pick workstudy i did, but nothing happens, pls send help T

How do you get Siri's image 4 of 5? I got his bad end, success? end, and did Eleni's endings too.




Siri was my first route too and he broke my heart. TT__TT I'm a sucker for people who cook for you.

Can someone show Barnaby's Bad End CG??? I've been trying so hard to get it but I decided to give up TwT

Have you tried just choosing all bad options? Like the first time you meet him just straight up be an asshole.



Comment on how interesting the play is

Next time you meet him in class:

Compliment his notes

 do project with Barnaby in library:


Do project with Barnaby again next night:

Go to door

fifth time doing project library:

No dialogue options

That's how I got it so yee, also try not going to spots he goes just maybe avoid him?

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Here ya go :D


Honestly with and without context its funny af lmfaoooo


damn I'm going to play his route now ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Thank you so much!! I think the game is bugged for me since his 2nd event won't activate for me but I'm glad to finally see his bad end cg

Ah, I see. Happy I could provide the CG 4 u :D


Can someone help me with bugbear route? He ask me  to meet him in the library at night but hes not there, ive rread that youre supposed to ask about bug bear in crryptzoologie bbut ive never had the option ???


I recommend you save a bit before going to cryptozoology.  For him to actually be there in the library you have to ask about him in cryptozoology. It's a random question that can appear which is kind of luck based.



  i hate luca so much.. i hate  how made me fall in love with him i hate how smart and pretty he is i hate how nice he is i hate him so much!!!!!! i hate how much he made me cry !!!!! qnq

this the "right person wrong time" and im so mad about it !!! let me dance with him again and again and again pls or let me talk to him abt his silly lil notebook and write about him like he wrote about us!! 

ill forever love u luca u idiot >:( <3333


Honestly Saint Spells always gonna be like my favorite visual novel, like this game is so good.

also I cry for Luca. ;-;

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Can I ask how you got Arbor's route? I keep trying but I only meet failure

First meeting: 

Did you draw those?


Looks like you really enjoy this.

Then u gotta die :D

Try eating tons of mushrooms til u die, when u die the option will pop up where you have unfinished buisness.

yeah, that's how i got arbor's route but instead of dying from mushrooms, i died bcs bugbear killed me in the forest ....


Can someone help me with getting Siri's full CG? He's so difficult to win over and his Cgs are definitely not an exemption... 

I unlocked all, which CG u talking about?

do you have any tips for cg 4? thats the only one im missing ;w;

Of course! :D

Try to get 7+ favorability by hitting all affection points.

Have you tried to do this?:

Get 10 strength & 10 charisma , then when you approach the first meeting you can choose the option: "What's the worst that can happen?" & "try to tease him". Going with house Bellatrix can give you 3 strength so yee.

meeting him in the kitchen is also a big help, because it adds 3+ if you choose the right answer.

Use this WIP guide to make sure you pick all good answers!

Then you shall surely get enough affection to unlock the 4th CG!

tysm! :D

I've just finished Aniva's route and I was wondering what her other 2 cgs look like and how to get them

i just finished bugbear's route! does he have a secret end? bcs the success end has a question mark on it. hope anyone would help :3


I think theres only 2 endings: bad ending and success ending
they are not rlly different, he kills u in both ends lol

ooo oki oki that's a bit sad but still loved the ending anw! thank you for replying<3


nice game btw i love the amount of LIs

Another Fullmetal Alchemist fan that's amazing.

can someone spoil siri's special ending T_T I don't feel like doing eleni's route after siri's ending, tysm


sobbing at luca's route


it's been 2 days. how do i get bugbear's route๐Ÿ˜ญ i keep ending up with fail.


you just have to find him everywhere like the guide, and you have to have 10 STR to ask him about his smile when you meet him in class (3rd meeting) + ask about bugbear in cryptozoology class
I suggest choosing courses that take place at the end of the week so that you have time to gain STR points and bad points (to interact with Bugbear when u skip classes, but I'm not sure if this is necessary or not lol)

How to get Sal's 1st CG? I'm always go to Queensguard but when I met him, nothing happend. Please help, I'm stuck with this for eternity.

Oh, and I just got it after comment this. I have 12STR, join it on Tuesday, after the wander event,and only approach him in History class.

someone help me do luca or alucain route

i can only help you for luca if i remember

ok so what part from Luca do you need help with?

someone help me get Bugbear route

what part do you need help with?


He ask to meet at the library at night but ever time i do he's not there

Did you ask about bugbears in cryptozoology? You have to ask about bugbears to meet him at the library.

yes i did and i try again and it work thank you

someone please help me how to do Scylla's route

late but focus on having veryy high intelligence

someone please teach me how to get barnaby's ending dhsjsnsmsm

the art style is really pretty... Does anyone know what art program was used ?

u can ask the artist(s


ok does anyone of you guys know how to get barnaby's special bad ending? i tried so hard to be mean to him and lose -3 favorability points but i always get the forever alone bad end. any tips on how to get the bad end? (i need the cg so bad)

Are you sure you chose all the "bad" dialogues? Especially the "Go to the door" one?

I chose all the bad dialogues but I still got the forever alone bad end


I've retried and I finally got the ending

hey um has anyone here completed huxleys route? I've tried everything in the guide but I can never even get to her second meeting. after she breaks up w her gf she always runs away when I approach her. I'm in all her classes and approach her at lunch and in the gardens but it never works. am i doing something wrong?

is your pronouns in-game "he" by any chance? because i was allowed to proceed to her route when I used "they" and "she"

i might be late but i have recently completed huxley's route. i think the best way to get through her good ending is to try and just deal with her shenanigans

personal favorite is using the back button to its fullest if you felt like you got the wrong response (since there's no guide for her route as far as I know)

I can't get Eleni's good ending no matter what i do ;'( I've done siris good ending and ive tried doing them at the same time but i still never get the option that asks if i know him. Somebody help!

Have you tried doing Eleni's success route again?  The "I hate to see you go" one? I chose the exact same dialogues after doing Siri's route and managed to unlock the third ending

is there a romantic ending for ivy? please i'm just so gay ๐Ÿ˜ญ

can someone show me lucas spellbook profile after you've done his good ending? mine appears to be glitched :(

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sure, here you go :)


no problem, i just finished his story too so it was no trouble at all! :))

omg shi qing xuan pfp


Does anyone have bugbear's cropped images๐Ÿ˜ญ i couldn't do the cryptozoo option thing, hes just so hot


Do u have the one when he pushed mc down on bed? Also tysm๐Ÿ˜ญ

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How did you get it? I only habe the other two pics :(

sobbing i messed up the first time and ive went back and tried again and again and im pretty sure i did all the steps correctly but the cryptozoology teacher wont let me ask about bugbears again T^T imma try aggain tomorrow but this is really depressing and idk if i did something wrong or if the game messed up somehow...????? (side note i love this game the colors are so pretty, the characters are all interesting and i think the point system is a really good addition<3 i havent played a dating sim before really so no comparison but its really good in general. at first i forgot it was a dating sim and ended up alone.... it was completely my fault tho lol)

i think you need bad points and 10 strength points? that's what i had (i could ask on first try). i read you have to ask about bugbears smile, and for that you need 10 strength points. hope that helps :(


you need avg strength (10 points) & ask him about abt his smile and keep choosing the "try to stop him" option, it took me a while to get the cryptozoology question too, i reccomend saving a few moments before your chat w bugbear in the class ends and keep reloading it (it worked once i closed the game and loaded it)

thank you both sm <3

so if we are a little dumb and a little silly had a question about say……… lucas ending….. will someone help please


How do you get all of titus's pictures? I got the last one for the good ending but how do you get the other one?

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I'm 2 days late but the guide shows how to get the picture! The chances of getting the dialogue is random though :'-)

edit: grammar

i got both endings but only one  picture? could anyone tell me what exactly i have to do please?


Skip classes and go to the bathhouse to help Titus find his hat. Choose the "Check dorms", "Titus' room", "Snoop around the room" and "Take a picture of him" dialogues. :D

thank you so much <3

of course! 

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