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I love the art!! Currently playing it right now, and so far, I love the concept and the mechanics! It works the same way as old japanese otome games that you play with a controller. Beautiful!!!


pleas. been playing this for 2 days now (i take breaks don't worry) but I've just noticed this while taking different routes for each character. 

but each one of the characters known for being a witch seems to remember you even tho you haven't met them on that route, been questioning it ever since I meant Titus once (ps. I already finish 1 conversation with him) then reset the route (since I did a mistake while taking billies' route<- first route I took) and Titus seems to remember me.

then met Avere on Ashton's route and she remembers me even tho I haven't talked to her during Ashton's route 

I noticed this because of the dialog where they'd asked you whether you have met before.

It was just interesting. cause when I take different routes only the witches seem to recognize me on each change/reset of each route while the others seem to act normally like ur a new student


if the characters loved by you always end up being hot but walking red flags. you will truly adore bugbear. you will also realize those other characters have nothing on bugbear in the end.


pay attention during his route's trigger warning by the way! i'm usually not easily disturbed but honestly it was a disturbing route! pls follow the route that is censored if you're more easily disturbed than i am or if you have concentrated sensory issues! his route is really interesting though. and he is also really hot outside of the last section of his route.

Heyy!! I've loved this game and I would like to translate it into Spanish so more people can play it <3 Would it be okay??

My e-mail is:, in case you want to contact me there.

first off is the luca event still there and how do I do it


psst.. want the bugbear good endin(?) ???? well here i am to help >:D 


you'll need atleast 9+bad student points and 10+ strength points and be apart of cryptozoology in order to proceed on the story C:


you should have around 8+ bad student points at this time and you're going 2 skip class aka getting your [9]th point. go to the forest or any of these locations:



anyways after that you should meet him! please note once you're on his route there will be gross details so , thats your TW! u have the option to not or to censor :D


your what i call second meeting should be on [FRIDAY] cryptozoology ! you should be able to see his icon , click on that to proceed !! after that, he will ask you to meet him at the library!! also, you'll be given the option to pick a creature to learn about that day , you must pick bugbears in order to proceed :D

THIRD MEETING: not spoiling anything but u get you're [FIRST] cgi!


its really his ending but if you do it correctly you get the [SECOND] and [LAST] cgi :D also, i recommend to click [TRY TO STOP HIM] multiple times !!


faq (_ _)。゜zzZ

'' there was a question mark so is there another ending? ''

from what i know, there is no other/good ending. the [BAD ENDING] contains him killing you, but in the [GOOD ENDING?] he does not(?) but instead just talks about killing you if i am correct!

thanks so much 


Is the garden night event still a feature in the game? ik its a special 1% death ending but I've been trying to figure out the secret for the event. Is it still a feature that I can try to get? If so, can anyone give me some tips?

If you're talking about the event with Luca, then yes, it's still a feature which you can get! Unfortunately, I don't know how I got it- I apologize, but I wish you luck on getting it! (Remember to save it COUGH-)

I don't know if this event is connected to the Luca route.. but on the guide for the game, the death event happens in the garden at midnight when you decide to wander into the garden more. I'll see what I can get while following his interactions, and I'll let you know! One more thing tho, if there's a cg for the event, how do I take away the speech box so I can take a ss of it?

Redid the Luca route, and sadly, I don't think it was what I was looking for:(

I'm so sorry, but i think they did remove it- (Not sure at all since I haven't gotten the good ending for him)

Hi! They didn't remove the Garden Event :) I got it just yesterday. The event does not, however, have a CG as far as I know! The only CG for Luca is his success ending CG.

You don't take off the speech box, you jsut press him in student spell book and go to the bottom right of the spell book and keep pressin! 

Does anyone have any tips for Luca- I (TRIED) following the guide, I legit couldn't get further from the 3rd interaction- ;_;

hi ! i think i can help you? i got his ending out of chance because all i did was trying to spend time with him as much as i can!!! but i think i can give pointers? btw im doing this out of memory so please tell me if i got anything wrong!!

1. say your a time traveller

2. "im happy with my life right now" (or something like that"

3. say the story is beautiful 

4. just spend as much time with him!! bc thats what i did

5. 'keep looking for him'! and after that i think you should be able to get it :)

Okay, thank you so much!

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i keep getting bad endings in every route so I just gave up playing 'correctly' and became super unhinged. enough was enough, i resorted to the 'forever alone' route. now no one can hurt me. best ending. 

They have a guide for all the routes in the description

could someone help me with unlocking backgrounds? im confused

-missing classroom bg number 5/11
-missing the background on the right of the library in the gallery
-missing the second forest picture??
-missing the pic on the left of the amusement park

i finisehd all the successful routes and obtained all the music i just need these

hi!! i am not sure how to get the others but i'm sure how to get the second forest picture :D

so uh you gotta die by bugbear in the forest! i recommend dying around wednesday or thursday, or just get as many warning signs from bugbear such as 'u feel someone is following you' etc!


thank you so much I’ll try that later 😭😭 (I’ve completed the whole story just not the game 🥲

thank you so much I’ll try that later 😭😭 (I’ve completed the whole story just not the game 🥲

tip for people struggling to get dinaes cg even though they clicked get ready to leave- the guide had a messup its actually pat her head btw (i made the same mistake an was about to write a whole paragraph in confusin help

Great game! Encountered a few bugs, like Gwyneira's page not unlocking even after I completed her ending, but nothing gamebreaking. Shame this game won't be updated again, but wish you guys success in all your future projects!


do arbors next.

I am scared

annakakasksmaanwnjanss gl

pls help devs
hii i was going through the bugbear route and I got an error screen and a method to copy the report, though it might be helpful to share but I was wondering is there any place I can share it? (unless u want me to post it as a comment but it contains file directories and stuff that I'll censor) the discord links that I found seem to all be expired. apart from this its the only bug I've found

(spoiler: route didn't seem to be affected after it, occurred during the fifth interaction in the library - might have something to do with the fact that I completed the fourth interaction after not selecting his name option in the third interaction, but then the next day I went to cryptozoology and learnt about bugbears which is meant to skip the fourth interaction apparently?)

absolutely adore this game btw it's an absolute gem to play and I've loved every route :D

i got the same thing!


did you read the guide?? you need to get 4+ favorability  and have at least low STR and CHA(4+)  and moderate INT(10+)
i recommend eating the suspicious shrooms for quicker stat upgrades (save before doing it so u dont die lol

does anyone know where i can show the fanworks on where theyll see it 

SPOILER ALERT though not so much

I LOVE this game with all my heart. This is my favorite game so far and I want to play one route each day to take it slow and savor each characters. So far I've played Alucain, Aspen, Bugbear, Titus, Magdeleine, Simon and Luca's routes. Alucain was so wholesome, I was hoping to romance him but the ending was sweet enough Im content leaving it like that, and personally I think being friends would make it more sweet. Aspen was also really sweet. Im a fan of The Little Prince myself, so his route was so entertaining. Bugbear was... questionable. And weirdly enough, I like it. I mean what can I say, hes really attractive. But I just didn't expect he'd eat me out (literally). Titus' route though, its so so so cute. Finding his identity and bonding with the MC was really nice because right now Im also dealing with identity problems, so I can kinda relate. The fourth wall breaking stuff was also fun. And I love the NPC student photo, it was cute. Magdeleine though, it was something else. I actually accidentally met her a lot during other playthroughs and I've always been interested in her. Shes so beautiful and her route is also really beautiful, like its magnificent. Simon's route was a breath of fresh air, because his was so so so damn cute. Its such a cute sappy little romance story. His backstory wasn't cute though and I feel bad for him. Lastly Luca, sigh. Just saying his name is heartbreaking already. I don't have anything else to say other than DON'T play his route if your heart isn't prepared enough. I was reading other comments and saw people talking about his route being sad so I just played it on a whim and oh my god... it was soul crushing. I will continue and play this game, thank you for making such a wonderful game.

Didn't Alucain go by they/them pronouns?

Question, does anyone know what program was made to create this game? i want to try making a game one day and am stuck on which one to use (rpgmaker 2000 is one of my top choices

This was created with Ren'py, a very popular visual novel maker.

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I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I can't find the icon that is suppose to appear after classes on Bugbear's route. I followed the guide filled out my bad student stat as much as possible on Monday. I used the mushrooms in the forest to also get 11 str on Monday. I got lucky and met him the first class I skipped on Tuesday but after classes on Tuesday and Wednesday I can't find his icon. I know I need to get this interaction before Thursday so I can get the other ones, but the icon won't show up for me, so is there something I'm missing?

hii! as someone who played his route manyy times, i think maybe you must've misclick something! or something like that? maybe reloading the game or even redownloading would work :D 

I'm going to(about to?) create a fan(for fan, ppl play this game or whatever idk) server in Discord about this game, anyone interested?, just chat about it tho(maybe)=))*sorry for my bad english*

I'd be interested! 👀

Thank you! And i'm still working on it tho=')


Oh, then notify me when it's ready! Good luck JHann. ヾ(⌐■ヮ■)ノ♪


Id like that too! Please tell me when its ready




i'd also be interested, so pls could u tell me when it's ready? :D

Yes, of course

thank you! =)

is there a discord server?

Broo, it's so good, amazing, and it make me cry so hard 😭😭

NOO I TEARED UPPP HARDD, Luca's route is smthn else


y'all help pls I'm trying (and failing) to romance siri wtf am I doing wrong😭😭

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Did you use the guides? But by the way *spoiler for siris route* the success ending for siri is just getting cockblocked by eleni. The only way to enter a relationship with him is to unlock elenis success ending and enter a poly relationship with him.

there are guides??

yeah lol, if you check the game description it includes a link to the game guide


Due to some error I unlocked 2 endings for Bugbear in the same run-through. Spoiler for bugbears routes below:

It seems all of bugbears success endings are death endings. I unlocked his success ending on Thursday which means he killed me Thursday night. But Friday was still registered so somehow I was still alive the next day. I played the day normally but I guess I unlocked the other success ending "sweet dreams" where he killed me in a different way. 

On a side note, the sweet dreams ending was really graphic and I'd appreciate a censor button for the picture or speed up button for the text. I know there was a prior option of censoring the route but I had assumed it would only be graphic to the level of the 'butchering the pig in the professors office scene.' I was playing this at 2:00 AM in a pitch black room and while I know many won't be playing in these circumstances I'm sure there are still quite a few.


The same thing also happened to me about  15 minutes ago. Damn i really thought bugbear wouldnt actually kill me even after following guides😭

ik right? 😭

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hello! i have played the bugbear route ALOT before the update! so i have a question; does bugbear have new endings? if not are you talking about the ending where he !!TRIGGER WARNING!!! ate a child infront of the MC? but if there is new endings to his route , i would love a tutorial on how to get it please :D

TBH I don't know if there are new endings and I don't really know what triggered a different ending to show up. There was one thing I noticed though, which I'll explain in a bit. The ending you're talking about, the child eating one, was the second ending I achieved. The first ending I got from him was one where he killed me in a ballroom, in a substantially less graphic and terrifying away.  Or at least I think it was a ballroom (sorry it's been a while). The first ending I achieved just by following the guides. But ya know how on the last day he asks you to meet him somewhere later? Well at the end of the day that scene where I go to the place to meet him didn't happen. I just suddenly showed up at a ballroom (I think) where he was, he flirted with me, revealed his evilness, and then killed me. After he killed me and I somehow survived the next day I just played the day normally. But this time the scene where I go meet up with him did trigger. Which is the scene that you were referencing. 


This game is so lovely! I was wondering if there was a discord server for this game!

god- this game is amazing, it's just so cuteeee- albeit some character routes are quite questionable. 

i love this omg all the characters are so cute


I really need help to get Hui's sucess ending, can anyone pls help;-;?

Have you read the guide yet? :0 I think you should be fine after reading and following the instructions!

Why in Bugbears route when I click "Stop him" it does nothing is there a way I can fix it ?

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i think you can't stop him 

hello hello hello! there isnt much of a way to stop him! but i think you're suppose to? thats what i did to get his good ending! clicking it multiple times 


spoiler kinda XD

Luca litterally just causally calling us out as a time travel is so sans

i think i found a glitch where the game thinks that titus isnt the but he is just without his hat, so if he comes a long his hat just appears of him and when he leaves his hat just leaves XD

but being honest was funny to think about


Ive only done one route and im already obsessed. ITS PAST MIDNIGHT RN </3

I love Simon with all my heart !! I just chose randomly and just hyperfixated on going on a date with him. Especially after Bugbear ate me alive im assuming ^^ Haha.. hes still hot tho-

Planning to get a few more routes,, though its gonna be a little hard since I needed help from a guide. And that guide doesn't have every character nor completed every single one of em ;-; *pain* 

I was legit shaking and squealing the entire time !! Let me spend more time with Simon pls </3

Ah nevermind just saw the official guide xD One route a day!

Maybe spoiler:

I just wanted to ask if there is maybe some sort of time loop in the game because I have been  stuck on tuesday for a while. It happened on Huxley's route. 

does anyone know how to download on phone?


you can try running it on joiplay :)



just so you know there is a guide for endings on this speech.

yeah I followed the guide but I still cannot get his ending. Still the same thing, I can't find him in the infirmary or the other extracurricular places he goes to. Did u get his or something?

Nah but now that you mention it I've been having issues similar to what you just described in your reply but with bugbear, I just can't seem to find him in the library to get the rest of the pts.... Weird

You mean on how you can meet him? I already finished his route, I met him in the bathouse, he got 2 endings. The other ending was horrifying, you can learn more abt him in crypzoology too. Just go to the bathhouse and he'll invite you to go together somewhere.

eh not exactly, i mean I've met him quite a bit but never saw him in the library like the guide said about the option abt being able to pat his head sadly i always just get a fail week or whatever. though he wasn't the first one i went after, the 'OG' was Simon. i just picked him blindly.

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so basically the only success ending you can get with siri is /with eleni/ im pretty sure... to get that u need siri's "success ending" (im pretty sure you got that already) and then do eleni's route. when the screen asks if you know siri or not, click yes.


I really love this game, is there anywhere else that I can find more content about it? Like a twitter, discord server, etc.?

i keep failing, i not know why

Currently doing all the routes finished 11 now. On Spinel's route now. I love this game. 

After playing this game i really liked it! I got Bugbear's "failed" ending and let me tell you, was i for a ride. Overall i liked his route, i tried variety of other routes but Bugbear's route stood out from the rest. Overall a very good game.

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